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10 Video Games That Teach Science

Video games are not only a way for entertaining, but they can also become a part of the learning process. Let us discuss those games that develop valuable skills and are useful for everyone.


This game represents a ‘sandbox’ where kids can create their own worlds. Different tools enhance creativity, and the game itself has a positive impact.

Moreover, there are special learning additions with different educational topics, including biology, history, etc.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection

In this educational game, the player creates and manages their own zoo. It is possible to walk inside it, look at animals, and learn fascinating facts about their life.

Utilizing this game, children are getting acquainted with wildlife and a variety of species while staying at home. At the same time, real animals are not harmed.

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey

This gameplay is full of monsters, and to fight them, one has to make up words. The time and the set of letters are limited. The more is the number of words and the longer they are, the better.

It is one of the best tools for improving vocabulary and spelling.

It's Quiz Time

This game tests the general knowledge of the person, making this funny. There are different questions in such categories as history, nature, geography, etc. All the tasks are different and give you some points; so, it is a kind of a challenge.


This game is known for its creative possibilities. One can develop their own game or any other artwork here and get the best interactive experience ever. There are numerous opportunities for complex actions, and the game is very suitable for both children and adults.


This popular online game is similar to the Warcraft universe. There are many cards for collection in it. The gamer competes with others, while there will be no plot.

To gain victory, strategic thinking is necessary, as well as quick counting.

Human Resource Machine

Future programmers will enjoy this puzzle game. The gamer is controlling the virtual office with a variety of commands. Little people will move according to them, so planning in advance is needed.


Here, the gamer has their own world: a village or city where people have to develop infrastructure and build everything around them. One can get the fullest experience of the creation of civilization and understand this complex process in detail.


This game reveals the evolutionary process and gives an understanding of it.

At the start, the gamer will have only one cell. Then, step by step, a civilization will appear from it. The evolution must lead to the development of the spaceship and flight to outer life.

The Witness

Here, the gamer is developing thinking and attentiveness to details. There are different levels and puzzles and riddles of all kinds. It is necessary to solve them to move further.

These are brilliant examples of educational games that not only entertain but develop different skills.