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Best Arcade Games of 2022

Parents often wonder what to play with their child on Xbox and PlayStation. Sometimes, games for kids are as simple and boring as possible, and it may seem that really interesting projects are clearly not intended for a young age.

Nevertheless, there are still exceptions that can bring pleasure to everyone no matter the age of the gamer. We have compiled this list of the five best arcade games you can play on modern-day PS4 and PS5 consoles as well as other options.

Forza Horizon 4

The Forza series is realistic, high-tech racing exciting for those who are fond of this type, but casual gamers sometimes dislike it. The much friendlier Forza Horizon arcade games come out about every two years. There are big detailed maps on which various races are held. The countryside is fascinating and is being developed together with the gaming process.

Kingdom Hearts III

One can say that this is a kind of scam. That is because you will find here a variety of mascots from other games and cartoons together. Nevertheless, it is a game, and it is funnier than all Final Fantasy combined. The absurdity of such a combination is attracting more and more gamers. It gives them what they have been looking for. In addition, you will be just inside Disney movies, which kids love.

Kirby Star Allies

Among similar options, Kirby stands out not only because it is the cutest one but also because it is highly accessible. Here, the gamer finds the opportunity to float in the sky, and there are no complex jumps that one can hardly make. Instead, it is just fun in colorful worlds full of fun items to collect. Another distinctive feature of the gaming process is the possibility to turn enemies into friends. It is an interesting idea, and it will definitely give good consequences in real life.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Every console requires some kind of this game. This one is highly popular due to its stellar graphics, an updated battle mode, and a fascinating variety of numerous tracks. Previous games have been capable of frustrating gamers who could not pass the tracks. Luckily, this version possesses novel auto-driving features to help you stay on track. The joy seems to never end.

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

This one provides the gamer with a mix of different technologies that adult gamers could only dream of when they were children. Here, the gamer is able to create their own tracks in real-time mode and enjoy all the simplicity or hardness of them according to their own taste. That will deliver an unforgettable experience full of pure joy.

These five superb games will provide you and your child with more than one evening of pure pleasure and satisfaction. All the novel technologies are used here and contribute to the creation of the best gaming process. Just try them out, and you will see how brilliant and fascinating they really are!