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  • play doodle brigade game
    doodle brigade

    Draw doodle troops along the path to counter the rising...

    strategy | views 1.48k | rating 2.7/5 from 3 votes
  • play bouncy fire fighters game
    bouncy fire fighters

    Save the people before the raging out of control fire...

    action | views 3.49k | rating 4.6/5 from 19 votes
  • play fire it up game
    fire it up

    Use the power of physics to light up the dark brooding...

    puzzle | views 6.30k | rating 3.5/5 from 31 votes
  • play rapid fire game
    rapid fire

    Wage a one man war against hostile stickmen in rapid...

    shooting | views 5.00k | rating 3.9/5 from 7 votes
  • play the first fire game
    the first fire

    Help the caveman pass each obstacle so he can discover the...

    puzzle | views 5.06k | rating 4.2/5 from 19 votes
  • play fire and might game
    fire and might

    Use your dragon breath to breathe fire on the roman...

    shooting | views 1.30k | rating 4.5/5 from 2 votes
  • play dry fire reloaded game
    dry fire reloaded

    Use a machine gun turret to defend your location against an...

    shooting | views 5.27k | rating 4.4/5 from 32 votes
  • play On Fire game
    On Fire

    Avoid all the dangerous pitfalls as you try to escape the...

    action | views 3.53k | rating 5/5 from 5 votes
  • play fire catcher game
    fire catcher

    Guide the heroic fire fighter as he tries to put out...

    action | views 4.92k | rating 4.4/5 from 22 votes
  • play Fire Work Out game
    Fire Work Out

    Click as rapidly as you can on each beaming firework as...

    skill | views 7.29k | rating 4.4/5 from 7 votes
  • play fire element game
    fire element

    Engage in elemental warfare as you protect the fire planet...

    shooting | views 3.25k | rating 2.2/5 from 5 votes
  • play man on fire guy game
    man on fire guy

    Help the knight find his way into the water before he turns...

    action | views 13.32k | rating 4.3/5 from 107 votes
  • play Chain of Fire game
    Chain of Fire

    Play this gruesome game of fiery tag and try and spread the...

    other | views 24.72k | rating 4.3/5 from 22 votes
  • play ground fire game
    ground fire

    Place gun turrets around the valley to shoot down hostile...

    shooting | views 5.50k | rating 4.4/5 from 18 votes
  • play World On Fire game
    World On Fire

    Be sure to check out this cool skill title....

    skill | views 4.39k | rating 4.2/5 from 9 votes
  • play fire truck parking game
    fire truck parking

    Drive the fire truck around town, park it and then put out...

    skill | views 15.54k | rating 4.2/5 from 265 votes
  • play Fire at Will game
    Fire at Will

    Be sure to check out this cool shooting title....

    shooting | views 2.02k | rating 1/5 from 2 votes
  • play elemental wars fire nation crisis game
    elemental wars fire nation crisis

    Use your fire boys to defend your land against water boys...

    strategy | views 7.35k | rating 4.5/5 from 48 votes
  • play Star Fire game
    Star Fire

    Be sure to check out this cool shooting title....

    shooting | views 13.24k | rating 3.3/5 from 10 votes
  • play delta force operation fire shield game
    delta force operation fire shield

    Infiltrate a terrorist organisation before they unleash...

    shooting | views 18.88k | rating 4.3/5 from 201 votes
  • play ballista game

    Have lots of fun popping floating balloons in...

    skill | views 8.09k | rating 3.8/5 from 14 votes
  • play city on fire game
    city on fire

    Save people trapped in burning buildings by bouncing them...

    arcade | views 6.90k | rating 4.5/5 from 20 votes
  • play Friendly Fire game
    Friendly Fire

    Defend your garden of flowers from the evil gremlins intent...

    shooting | views 6.46k | rating 5/5 from 4 votes
  • play playing with fire 2 game
    playing with fire 2

    Blow your opponent into the air by dropping bombs to block...

    arcade | views 1.07k | rating 5/5 from 4 votes
  • play line of fire game
    line of fire

    Perform a bomb run against the enemy stationed on domingo...

    action | views 7.34k | rating 4/5 from 26 votes
  • play born of fire game
    born of fire

    Stop the forces of hell from seeping into this world in...

    strategy | views 7.75k | rating 3.9/5 from 9 votes
  • play Forest Temple game
    Forest Temple

    Give a helping hand to the elemental fire boy and water...

    puzzle | views 372.31k | rating 4.4/5 from 3190 votes
  • play dragon slayers 2 game
    dragon slayers 2

    Stop wave after wave of mythical dragons from reaching your...

    shooting | views 14.95k | rating 4.5/5 from 88 votes
  • play die in a carpet fire game
    die in a carpet fire

    To fight ghostly apparitions you must learn to die in a...

    action | views 8.71k | rating 4.4/5 from 31 votes
  • play Fire In The Hole 2 game
    Fire In The Hole 2

    Protect yourself from the battalion coming your way, intent...

    adventure | views 6.36k | rating 4.3/5 from 10 votes
  • play chaos bouncie game
    chaos bouncie

    Shoot balls at as many pins as possible in chaos...

    skill | views 10.41k | rating 4.2/5 from 5 votes
  • play selena wars game
    selena wars

    Use guile and ingenuity to take back the moon in an epic...

    shooting | views 3.47k | rating 4/5 from 5 votes
  • play Castle Under Fire game
    Castle Under Fire

    Be sure to check out this cool action title....

    action | views 3.61k | rating 4.7/5 from 9 votes
  • play fireboy and watergirl 3 ice temple game
    fireboy and watergirl 3 ice temple

    Embark on another hair raising adventure with fire boy and...

    adventure | views 323.75k | rating 4.4/5 from 2902 votes
  • play Fire and Bombs 2 game
    Fire and Bombs 2

    Plot your enemies demise by carefully constructing a trap...

    action | views 10.71k | rating 4.2/5 from 26 votes
  • play pajama boy 2 game
    pajama boy 2

    Help the young lad wearing the funny pajamas find a way out...

    adventure | views 4.73k | rating 4.3/5 from 3 votes
  • play Alphabet Shoot game
    Alphabet Shoot

    Operate a powerful cannon that fires multiple bullets at...

    skill | views 3.70k | rating 3/5 from 6 votes
  • play Fire Child game
    Fire Child

    Help Lona defeat enemies using her magical powers, protect...

    adventure | views 4.95k | rating 3.7/5 from 3 votes
  • play kingdom fire game game
    kingdom fire game

    Battle with your opponents and create the perfect adventure...

    adventure | views 1.91k | rating 3.6/5 from 7 votes
  • play super fireman game
    super fireman

    Put out fires and perform search and rescue manoeuvres...

    strategy | views 64.50k | rating 4.5/5 from 710 votes

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