horror house 2

Description & Controls
Rating 4.3/5 from 548 votes - Played 22.64k times - Genre escape

Play horror house 2 a point-n-click based puzzle game and explore a house where all the inhabitants died in unfortunate circumstances. Use your mouse to interact with objects within the room such as light switches, portrait frames and notes scrawled with ineligible hand writing. Something sinister happened within the building and the original inhabitants tried to cover up a dreadful horrifying secret. Best played with the lights off, not suitable for midgets under the age of 13.

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Sponsored by sinthai studio. Date added on the 17 March 2013 at 19:21.

horror house 2

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548 Votes(4.3/5)



it is a nice game i like this very much and i have been playing this for 6 years my little brother is also a fan of this. oh i want to play this right now!


that's okay it's a very good game my son has nightmares

usman chaudhary

nice, this game is outstanding. I love this,i like it so very much.

usman chaudhary

lovely, i love this game. I like it.

fatooma reval

really, right now i don't know what to do !!

atyab khan

good game but not for heart patients


i like this very much because this game is very interesting


a scary game, but very, very hard to figure out. i guess you just randomly keep clicking on things and wait for something scary to happen. the only clue is the birthdate.

abubaker afzal

nice, dashing game. I like it


it is so crap i almost went to sleep trying to find her and i am 12 age

aina nany egi

shocked me every time! but i like it!


i am walking near the tree then a witch comes


this game is very nice i play every day this is so amazing

irona bieber

i don't know what to do


i got the creeps


cool game this is so fun


cool game, love it and it was not that scary


i think it's a cool horror game

sara sweety

i really like this game


love it, its awesome


it is a very interesting. I like this game very, very much.


can't get past the beginning when you enter the house, it won't load :(

katy mckay

this game is creepy right?


uh the lights are off, how do i turn them on? lol


nice horror, I love this


it is creepy but awesome


the game never loads past entering the house, I'll give it 1 star.


this game is fabulous. It's too scary!


this sucks i give 0 stars


it is a very interesting game


rubbish and horrible


my girl likes this game, it's awesome


i still don't know how to turn on the lights after i entered the house.


it is so cool! i love this game so much


how do you move around or turn on the lights?


i can't enter in this. it's stuck at the beginning


this sucks it is so not realistic


wow, I am scared that scared me!


somebody please tell me what to do at first


this is really scary.


I almost peed my pants because of this, it's the coolest and scary in the history of horror games


i love this but its really not at all made for the people who are of faint heart. It is scary but the more scary the more fun


it is very interesting. i like this very, very much


how to turn on the light?


wow, i really like this


love this man, it's best for daredevils!


this is so scary!


I like this story but not for heart....of tried to play this I'm fun...but until long minutes I'm feel afraid...but i really like this..the more scary the more fun...its awesome


best ever but not for those people who are alone in home


wicked cool man 'horror from first to last' like it


it keeps freezing on me after i enter the house.


i have opened it but there is a black screen with descriptions don't know what to do! somebody tell me what to do please


very scary and dangerous please don't play it often children


seriously, it wont load at all at the beginning when you enter the house it is a shame!


sorry folks, should be fixed now


what do you do in the bathroom?


really awesome but scary!


stupid, i was really bored


very nice, i love this so much! so, so cute

deepika k

i love this its amazing try making part 3 also.

marvin abalona

i like this and i want to play


I'm in the bathroom and nothings happening, any clues?

jody ann

whats happening? I'm in the 1st living room!


so boring...it doesn't give me the creeps

ibad khan

very good and physical


i'm only 10, i don't even know how to do the living room

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