appendix surgery

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Play appendix surgery game and step into the shoes of a hospital doctor as you examine a young girl by the name of Tara that may have appendicitis. With the nurses aid use your mouse to pinpoint the exact location where the patient is experiencing severe pain by applying pressure and then issue a blood test to check for abnormally high white blood cell count. Once you've diagnosed the condition proceed to the operating theatre table to remove the inflamed organ.

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appendix surgery

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I love this because I want to become a surgeon


when i grow up i want to be a surgeon and these games give me the feeling of being in action.


this is the most horrible game i ever played in my entire life


that was great!


I died a 10000 times and i feel like i have been hated by the woman that doesn't do anything


i like this because i like to learn


i can't figure out where the appendix is!

sophie petito

i hate this it sucks like i do


the most horrible ever

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