candy crush

Description & Controls
Rating 3.8/5 from 327 votes - Played 25.31k times - Genre puzzle

Play candy crush a match 3 based logic game and align delicious looking sweets into three or more combinations to make them disappear from the confectioners board. Use your mouse to select a wrapped sweet and then pick a similar one close to it. Match four to create more powerful candies and match 5 to create a taste bud explosion that evaporates similar treats you select. The game can be a bit strange, try refreshing the page if you'd like to start again.

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Sponsored by King. Date added on the 14 May 2013 at 15:07.

candy crush

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327 Votes(3.8/5)



i love this game.


i absolutely love this game


i love the game


i love this game


i hate this game


i like this and love it also


a total rip off from popcaps bejeweled, the thieves at kings stole this and then tried to trademark the name candy so no could have that name in it. it failed in the US but not in Europe.


very nice, i love this


this is so addicting its not even funny i love this its so amazing


love this, this is awesome

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