sprint driver

Description & Controls
Rating 3.9/5 from 500 votes - Played 24.27k times - Genre racing

Play sprint driver a distance based racing game and speed along the highway on your moped scooter as you overtake cars and heavy goods vehicles. Press your arrow keys to steer and up key to activate turbo boost. Collect repair icons to fix your bike and coins so you can buy better motorbikes at the shop. Watch out for chasing police cars, they'll try to ram you off the road.

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Sponsored by games reality, developed by Andriy Pidvirnyy. Date added on the 17 April 2013 at 12:01.

sprint driver

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500 Votes(3.9/5)


cory harris

this game is very good


this game is brilliant


its a nice game friends


good game that i just played

merava gani

nice game, excellent


its very, very hard

ameer mavia

very, very nice game


that was a cool game

adnan khan

cool and nice game.


its so cool and awesome, I like anthony's comment

sahil raj

this is so interesting


it is very, very good

ali nawaz

very nice to play and so cool


this is very interesting and good


it's very easy for me and it's like a child.

mahesh goyal

it is nice, i like this

leslie dalton

nice all will like it

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