whack your pc

Description & Controls
Rating 4.4/5 from 67 votes - Played 11.35k - Genre puzzle

Play whack your pc game and don't get mad when your laptop begins to throw a wobbly in the office, get even by bashing it into smithereens. Use your mouse to find innovative ways to knock the silicon stuffing out of your computer whilst impressing your personal secretary. There are a total of six ways in which you can cause as much destruction.

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credits & ratings

Sponsored by doodle man. Date added on the 1 September 2012 at 15:17.

whack your pc

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67 Votes(4.4/5)

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this is the best game and funny but it is too short

iqra angel

it is v.good game


this is well amazing I was going to whack my pc but then I found this game and it relieved my stress.


i want to wack every thing


i wish I can whack my best friend


it was rubbish, I couldn't find the other ones. so I think it was not the best thing ever that I have been on.


it was okay, I guess. I couldn't find everything and it's too short

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