kingdom at war

Description & Controls
Rating 4.2/5 from 147 votes - Played 45.03k times - Genre strategy

Play kingdom at war strategy game and amass an army of soldiers, wizards, spies and cavalry as you set out to conquer the surrounding lands. To play kingdom at war use the mouse to build barracks, blacksmiths and other buildings.

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kingdom at war

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147 Votes(4.2/5)



I like this game


Love the game fast at first gets challenging


try this game


Addicted to this game




i like this this game


good game


its hard

am dead

great game


i love it babu


ilove this game


this game sucks


i like this game


cool game


great game which is addictive!

sir air

this game is good


i like this game very much


good game


awesome dude


cool game for real


cool game i like it


its a very good game


this is the best game


this is a nice game


i like this game

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