heaven stairway jump

Description & Controls
Rating 4.5/5 from 20 votes - Played 18.45k times - Genre skill

Play heaven stairway jump game and use your baby angelic wings to help you fly to heaven by bouncing from each cloud in the sky. Avoid touching netherworld creatures, they'll drag you to hell. To play heaven stairway jump use your mouse.

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heaven stairway jump

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20 Votes(4.5/5)





This is an amazing game which has the same feature of Doodle Jump however it can get frustrating and boring after a while.This is challenging but fun a bit of a brain teaser you have to be careful and quick, no sloppiness.Overall its an amazing game and i firmly recommend it to all ages!


it dose not work!


it dose not work

jamie moylan

cool game

jamie moylan

cool game


i beat it, the game just kinda ends after 1908746 feet?


retarted geam!


gool game

Dain Im

Doodle Jump on pc. Nice job!!! Lovin' it.


this game is awesome i just hope that in real life there aren't any obstacles on way to heaven


:p i wondered how he died...then i realised he had no arms :(

radha sree

interesting game


i like this game who didn't like it is a looser for me.......

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