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rating 4.1/5 from 110 votes - played 40897 times - genre strategy

Play sim air traffic controller strategy game and work in the airline industry as a air traffic controller. Direct incoming air planes onto the runway or instruct them to fly around the airport if the runway is busy. Try to avoid mid air collisions.

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Sponsored by free online games, 620 x 516 pixels.

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110 Votes(4.1/5)

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31 player reviews and comments


like it however.. level 5 makes no sense. one runway u cant taxi a jet nor refuel it because if another jet lands on that runway it crashes. then the game sends like 15 jets to the same runway or 6 jets to one and 6 jets to another. how is that fun. u only get 3 seconds notice. an atc can see planes far out. on this game u cant. also planes far apart landing on same runway kill each other while taxing. if level 5 was fixed it would be a good game


this game is fun...:->


lvl 5 is total rubbish. Game is quite nice.


level 5 sucks


i'm stuck on level 5 .. interesting when there is iphones version ..




The 5 its impossible mate..cmon...


Level 1,2,3,4 and 5 are quite triky for 20 jets!


this game sucks.


if u cant get past 5 give it up you suck


this game sucks because as soon as one plane touches another, both blow up


Everyone that says lvl 5 is doable is a lying. The game is great, but it's too bad that lvl 5 can't be done. Would like to see more levels and a fix for level 5, so it's possible to actually finish it.


level 5 sux


Yeah, Level 5 does not work as said before (Opera 11.0)




good game


Same here level 5 is corrupt

Steve K

Is Level 5 bad programming? Planes landing, taxi-ing


fun game


can't pass level 5


quite good


have now completed level 5 twice. has taken me over 100 attempts. good game, but a great deal of luck needed in level 5.


to pass level 5, follow instructions as bellow: 1- have all incoming flight from the east to go around unless you have the runway totally empty. 2- take only flights coming from the north. but if the are coming too close, have some of them to go around as well. 3- have them all lined up in front of the building for refuel, allow taxi to runway only one plane.


i can't pass level 1


level 4 looks like a transformers character...


4-wait plane 1 at runway and let it go only when the 2nd plan is done refuelling and asking for taxi. 5-you will have very short window of time to let plane 1 go then let plane 2 to taxi, so be quick on your mouse. 6-make sure there is no incoming plane from east before releasing plane 1. that's all folks!


hard on lvl 5 ,but i can pass


cool game...


i never got to play..that makes me upset


it's a very nice game


this game is good, only good. its not bad its good

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