flash empires 3 game

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Rating 3.9/5 from 12 votes - Views 9.47k - Genre strategy

Play Flash Empires 3 Game and defend your base behind castle walls against enemy soldier attack. Build towers and place on the battlefield, recruit and deploy archers, knights, cannon men and mounted cavalry.

  • Zombie Tower Defence 5

    zombie tower defence 5

    Cut down the zombies and put an end to their reign of terror before they reach the town and wreck havoc.

  • galaxy harvest

    galaxy harvest

    Harvest or mine for biomass a valuable space commodity reliant by all lifeforms in the distant future.

  • Star Rebellion Game

    star rebellion game

    Build an array of defensive weapons and vehicles to combat with against the invasion of people threatening your town.

  • Jelly Castle Game

    jelly castle game

    Protect your sweet flavoured kingdom from the evil enemy soldiers that want to destroy it for their greedy selves.

  • good game empire

    good game empire

    Build up your own empire by upgrading your castle to it's maximum potential in this multiplayer online strategy battlefest.

  • nt creature

    nt creature

    Use your head to whack monstrosities as they crawl out from their holes in nt creature.

  • Blood Feud

    blood feud

    Strengthen your troops and alliances and lead your people to victory by defeating the enemy creatures.

  • keeper of 4 elements

    keeper of 4 elements

    Lay down elemental towers to strike creeps as they attempt to pillage your island.

  • Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary Game

    witch hunt nooboo mary game

    The townsfolk plan on burning you at the stake for the evil crimes you have committed, namely eating their children. Escape their attacks before it's too late for you.

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flash empires 3 game

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