lily allen in escape the fear game

Description & Controls
Rating 3.7/5 from 6 votes - Played 10.16k times - Genre arcade

Play Lily Allen In Escape The Fear Game and help Lily Allen try to escape from the rising fear by jumping onto the platforms And collecting all the Lily letters. Arrows to move,and up arrow to jump.

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lily allen in escape the fear game

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6 Votes(3.7/5)


lillyalen fan

the lilly alen game is so cool i play on it all the time.i can't complete level 4 though oh well lol


it is a good game i guess


cool :)


39 downton road


it cool

K McSmiley

I LOVE this game, and its really good for promoting her ablum 'Its not me, its you'.The idea of playing the song 'The Fear' really makes people go on the game because they know that it has a good song playing and that they can have fun!


This game is soooooooooooooooo cool but level five is terribly hard. I love Lily Allen sooooooooooo much(I Love Justin Bieber more).


this game sucks

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