oligarchy game

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Play Oligarchy Game and do what the rich big oil companies do, lie,steal,cheat,bribe politicians, bribe scientists to give false reports, ignore greenpeace environmental campaigns and finally pollute the ozone with their oil.

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oligarchy game

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258 Votes(4.6/5)

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I want to play this game


freakin awesome sim one of the best


Fun game, but once you get Humanol, it goes kinda stale. I have been screwing with the market ever since I got it.


Woo! Oil became obsolete before 2008! Sweet, I wish it actualy worked out like that :)


How to drill in Alaska?


how to drill iraq


well good it is well cool


i got to 88 million year 2307 i wish the game kept going and you developed other forms of energy over time


this the best game i playes


It was an ok game, gets realy boring after the human oil act though.


Very cool business type game.It would be awesome if they made a game like this but instead it could be nuclear power or some other type of energy nuclear power preferably though.


Absolutely brilliant game. 3rd time i tryed it,i could avoid end of the world. very funny.


you can aavoid the end of the world. Once it says as a newspaper people become oil you can build machines to give you oil build it EVERYWERE and the world will not end

Michle Jaxon

I got 69million at the year at the year 2307 then well i fell asleep when i woke up lap top died :{

harry dik

this game is cheap and sucks badly


This game is awesome! I made 2 million dollars by 2050 without drilling in Alaska or in the rainforest. However, my love for cute little animals cause an end to civilization in the West. Groan.


great game with something we should think about


i finally know how it feels to corrupt people for money and end the world in famine sweeet

Entertainment Weekly

Amazing i cant see another game that could even match this!


I find it strange how Alberta is not in the game.


i ended with windmill power


My ended in the world being nuked. The way you get the prenadited oiled is by giving the winning party money


awesome game! but with the human oil its very boring


i got to 2396 with 694586 good game but i don't think i'll ever get to where i just got i had to tranform my company and all my rigs to human energy plants they are pretty good


Awesome. Was gutted when the world ended in 2070!


this game is owsome i love this game i love it i love it i love it


Lol i got nuked to and i had to spend my days in the darkness :( lol :P


Omg ive been to the year 2130 and then DC got nuked ^^



waz up

blew up the world walemart went bankrupt haha


Polluted the world by by humans


YAY, M.A.D. World, Nuclearly assured destruction, MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA Fear me, FEAR ME!!!


realy good game


cool,put more M.A.D in it though


goood gameeee


I heard yo end the game by Run out of oil, M.A.D, U.S being nuked or retirement anyone know how to do last two? (M.A.D happens if you use human-oil only when you get it and famine eventually kills all. I got to 2421.)


XD I ENDED THE WORLD IN THE YEAR 2190! Multi billionair!! Or trillion I dont care I was rich in my fancy bunker :D

jesus oil

i am oil jesus


Whoever were the developers of this game It is absolutely brill. would like to see a second version with more options etc.ike buying refineries or using tankers to ship to different markets. other energy sources would be good too like LNG or solar.


Ended in 2354 with the Mutually Assured Destruction or M.A.D.


Wow that was a good game some how i just beat the whole game at like year 2189

kobe jai

it an awesome game


Level 30000 !


Hah very fun game got 5 Trillion dollars (Yes Trillion) by 2206 and then it all went downhill in two years and everyone was nuked


shouldn't this be called oiligarchy?


Awesome game, really enjoyed it!!!



Oil Monarch

Lol! I kept going 'till 2225 or so.


i drained all the oil blew up all the foreign places and had no protesters


I got 990 mill year 2008

a person

i won


when does the game end?


Good game, lasted until 2138.


wont work :(

farewell west

farewell west, every civilization sooner or later collapses. the history books will have a long chapter about the decline of the fossil fuel era, a painful downward spiral caused by the inability of the economic and political systems to adapt to regime of expensive oil. the descendant of survivors will look at us with a mix of resentment and envy making sure to learn from our errors

aron guy

how do you drill the last country you can only put people machines there?


i got past 2161

anonymous noob

i am addicted to this game, it really sounds like the u.s. is an oligarchy but disguised as a democracy.


how to unlock special operation?


this game was fun but the depressing thing is soon the world probably will be nuked.

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