trapped game

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Rating 3.7/5 from 32 votes - Played 70.35k times - Genre escape

Play Trapped Game and try to use the objects around the small confined room to aid in your escape. Combine each item and object as you attempt to discover who you are and why your trapped.

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trapped game

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32 Votes(3.7/5)



Instructions Use the Mouse to pick the item and Click on different sides of the screen to examine various portions of the room Left click on an item to zoom in while click around the items when they are enlarged


i dont like this game at all it is impossible sum1 plz leave a walkthrough bcuz the skool computer wont let me get to it!


awesome not a happily ever after but good


i think i could win


great game expand the playing time and give more levels


As much as i like the show the game sucks not even all the players are controlled


hello voice from trapped i really like your show it enjoys me but can you make trapped for ever after today


I am the first person to crate smelly toothpaste


It was fun and remember not to get caught that what i did and so i won.


it was fun and remember not to get caught that what i did and so i won.

Noel Hardy

Hello,I think is a great show so i found the game by my sister Laura and i am 11,thank you


I can beat u


it was really really fun and it was great


good i am 8 years old


heey, iam 10 and i think it is an asomw show because they have mad games and if i was in it i now i\'ll be trapped or mabey not i found it from my friend ashley


such a horrible game BORING!


such a lovely game so cool special last challenge


not good. won't let me see walk-through because website doesn't even exist.


i cant wait to play


this game is very bad


this game is sh*t

mabby butchet

its a really fun game too but its very slow


i will win


trapped was a nice game with a strange ending. its a shame that there aren't any levels or a trapped 2. overall I really enjoyed it, they should make more games like this but maybe more of the mmo type. keep cool thanks a lot! k.i.t


very strange game


not very scary but i like that game

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