new arcade games

  • puzzle legends
    puzzle legends

    Guide the peaceful druid as he tries to climb the stone tower.

    puzzle | views 1518 | rating 0/5 from 0 votes
  • truck mania
    truck mania

    Drive the truck towards the delivery point without dropping any precious cargo.

    racing | views 1570 | rating 4.3/5 from 3 votes
  • red warrior
    red warrior

    Use your ninja skills to free the captive prisoners by breaking them out of the bird cages.

    puzzle | views 1971 | rating 4.5/5 from 2 votes
  • slime hook
    slime hook

    Launch slimy hook shots at green surfaces to allow the blob to escape the ship.

    skill | views 1904 | rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • tank travel
    tank travel

    Guide the armoured tank towards the portal without getting blasted to smithereens by the security bots.

    arcade | views 2270 | rating 3.8/5 from 4 votes
  • super mega ultra battle robot 2
    super mega ultra battle robot 2

    Take control of a flying battle robot as it fights an army of hostile intruders.

    shooting | views 1565 | rating 5/5 from 3 votes
  • learn to fly idle
    learn to fly idle

    Help the scientific penguin launch snowballs and cannons at inanimate objects.

    arcade | views 2155 | rating 2.3/5 from 3 votes
  • lost golem
    lost golem

    Guide the young Indian girl as she sets out to reclaim a stolen tribal relic.

    puzzle | views 2586 | rating 3.3/5 from 3 votes
  • super strike of rage
    super strike of rage

    Beat your employers to a messy pulp after they refused to give you a pay rise.

    action | views 2251 | rating 4.2/5 from 6 votes
  • where is my beard
    where is my beard

    Convert clean shaven men into breaded individuals by knocking into them.

    puzzle | views 2521 | rating 3.2/5 from 6 votes
  • concentricholic

    Use your genius intellect to clear all the coloured square objects from the area.

    puzzle | views 2715 | rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • ninja cannon retaliation
    ninja cannon retaliation

    Stop the warlords twin brother from exacting his revenge by slaying his demon army with your trained ninjas.

    skill | views 2324 | rating 5/5 from 1 votes

top rated

  • samurai fruit
    samurai fruit

    Use your ninja like sword to chop fruity pieces into small chunks as they float in the...

    views 1349554 rating 4.3/5 from 18026 votes
  • papas hot doggeria
    papas hot doggeria

    Observe your baseball team score a home run as you serve delicious hot dogs from the...

    views 909797 rating 4.6/5 from 8696 votes
  • angry birds
    angry birds

    Knock the smile off the pigs faces by demolishing their buildings in angry...

    views 961994 rating 4.2/5 from 8474 votes
  • happy wheels
    happy wheels

    Guide the guy in the wheelchair safely around the obstacle courses in happy...

    views 1719313 rating 4.5/5 from 8255 votes
  • cat mario
    cat mario

    Guide marios cuddly pet cat through the most dangerous level ever...

    views 1006570 rating 4/5 from 5961 votes
  • plants vs zombies
    plants vs zombies

    Prevent hungry zombies from eating your brain by laying down flowers to form defensive garden...

    views 238167 rating 4.5/5 from 5331 votes
  • flash flight simulator
    flash flight simulator

    Choose a plane and then grab the flight stick in order to control an aircraft as it flies through the...

    views 412798 rating 4.4/5 from 3730 votes
  • papas cupcakeria
    papas cupcakeria

    Serve delicious, scrumptious cupcakes to new customers in papas latest franchise...

    views 244206 rating 4.6/5 from 3616 votes
  • extreme pamplona
    extreme pamplona

    Run for your life but don't sweat it in extreme...

    views 197059 rating 4.5/5 from 3073 votes
  • mine blocks
    mine blocks

    Build a wooden house for yourself out in the countryside in this 2d flash version of...

    views 229363 rating 4.3/5 from 3025 votes
  • papas freezeria
    papas freezeria

    Serve delicious ice cream sundaes with chocolate or cherry toppings to kids in papas new...

    views 332180 rating 4.6/5 from 2739 votes
  • forest temple
    forest temple

    Give a helping hand to the elemental fire boy and water girl as they try to stay...

    views 304527 rating 4.4/5 from 2698 votes

quick pick

  • bnkr

    Help the robot find batteries to recharge his energy supply in a strange...

    views 2632 rating 0/5 from 0 votes
  • cursor 10
    cursor 10

    Be sure to check out cursor 10....

    views 4111 rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • smoking zombies
    smoking zombies

    Hold the line as you try to stop plague carrying zombies from reach your defensive...

    views 3365 rating 5/5 from 3 votes
  • lost space station mech online
    lost space station mech online

    Be sure to check out lost space station mech online....

    views 8143 rating 4.2/5 from 17 votes
  • crypt keeper
    crypt keeper

    Save yourself from being frightened to death and escape this scary...

    views 7252 rating 5/5 from 3 votes
  • hive hero
    hive hero

    Be sure to check out hive hero....

    views 3019 rating 0/5 from 0 votes
  • zen sudoku
    zen sudoku

    Use your zen know how to find the missing numbers in the sudoku...

    views 2568 rating 4.6/5 from 5 votes
  • i am cube
    i am cube

    Beat up funny pink looking people as you wander around in your...

    views 2361 rating 4.6/5 from 7 votes
  • snow drift racing
    snow drift racing

    Be sure to check out snow drift racing....

    views 2500 rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • ornament key
    ornament key

    Fit the jumbled up jigsaw pieces into their respective slot before the clock runs out in ornament...

    views 3256 rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • hallows revenge
    hallows revenge

    Shoot down the pumpkins, ghouls and jason creeps before they reach planet...

    views 3093 rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • frozen candy
    frozen candy

    Shoot the bubbles to get the temperature down to acceptable...

    views 5505 rating 3.8/5 from 16 votes