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How to Stop a Video Game Addiction

If you have decided not to waste time on video games anymore, here is a simple instruction to help you get rid of your gaming addiction.

Keep Track of Time

Video gaming is quite fascinating. You may not feel how hours have passed. It is easy to lose the track of time in these worlds and plots that will keep you engaged for another ten minutes.

Time tracking can help in this case. Write down what time you start playing and what time you finish. At the end of the week, calculate how many hours you spend playing games. Most likely, this figure will make you change your mind.

Set a Limit

Set a timer to help you with this. Even if you continue to play after its signal, you will still know how much time you spent. Such knowledge will help to develop a rule, for example, play only with friends or only on certain days.

In addition to the time limit, set a monetary limit. Determine how many games per month you can afford.

Choose Your Games Wisely

Some games take a very long time to complete. Discard them in favor of those that can be completed in a shorter time.

Don't Be Afraid to End the Game if You Don't Like It

Sometimes, gamers select difficult games to prove their capabilities. Keep in mind that this is just virtual reality. If you are not pleased, just don't play. Do not take online games as a competition.

Earn Time to Play

If you abandon household chores, work, and personal life because of games, you have serious problems. Try to earn the game. Do not sit down at the computer until you complete the current tasks. Remember that the goal is not to completely eliminate video games. It is important for you to realize that they are only part of your life.

Watch Live Video Games

Many people find it strange and useless to stream video games live. However, instead of wasting your time, you can watch how someone else does it. It doesn't have to be in front of a screen. You can do useful things like cleaning.

Have a Gaming Hunger Strike

Not everyone will be able to abruptly give up video games for a while. However, sometimes, it works. If you feel that it's time for you to return to reality, try deleting all the games from your computer or collecting all the discs and taking them to a friend for safekeeping. For example, for two weeks or a month.

Find the Reason for Your Escape from Reality

If you have problems in your personal life, discuss them with your partner. If you are under pressure from work, seek help and try to find a solution to the problem. This is more effective than hiding behind a monitor.

In the game, we are all strong and hardy, but in reality – this is not always the case. Nevertheless, you will not acquire these qualities if you stubbornly avoid the test that life has prepared for you.