• red oz episode 1
    red oz episode 1

    Your trapped in a house with mysterious monsters prowling the area, find a way out before they harvest your skin.

  • cube escape harveys box
    cube escape harveys box

    It's 1969 and your trapped in a cardboard box headed to Rusty Lake, try to find a way out!

  • mystery survival escape
    mystery survival escape

    You've stumbled into a deep cavern, try to find a way out before you eventually starve.

  • cube escape arles
    cube escape arles

    You've been locked in your own bedroom, look around for clues to find a way out.

  • escape from the catacombs
    escape from the catacombs

    Find a way out of the dark catacombs before you become another skeleton amongst the collection of weary bones.

  • cube escape seasons
    cube escape seasons

    Solve various puzzles in different seasons in order to escape the rooms.

  • escape crazy castle
    escape crazy castle

    Help the brave knight free himself from the castles jail cellar before it's too late.

  • cube escape the lake
    cube escape the lake

    You've found an abandoned cabin near the lake, explore the rooms to find a way out to change your fate.

  • kings escape
    kings escape

    You've ventured into a forbidden palace, a passerby thinks you're a thief and has alerted the cops. Find a way to escape before it's too late.

  • must escape the dragon cave
    must escape the dragon cave

    You've fallen asleep again but this time your locked within the cave of a fire breathing dragon!

  • aldo and gus the skeleton key
    aldo and gus the skeleton key

    Help Gus the cat rescue the imprisoned wizard from the King's dungeons.

  • catastrophe escape
    catastrophe escape

    You have seconds to spare before a raging tornado rips through the area, fix your car before its too late.

  • escape plan museum
    escape plan museum

    Find a way out of the locked museum before you go completely insane.

  • escape plan temple
    escape plan temple

    You find yourself trapped in a temple, get out before the creep that locked you in comes back.

  • escape the amazing garden
    escape the amazing garden

    You've been napping and found yourself locked within the gardens, find a way out.

  • hackers escape
    hackers escape

    You awake to find yourself in a strange room, use your computer hacking skills to figure a way out!

  • escape plan office
    escape plan office

    You've awoken to find yourself in the boring office, try to find a way out!

  • escape plan north pole
    escape plan north pole

    After a peaceful sleep you awoke to find yourself in the North Pole! Find a way to escape before you freeze.

  • escape plan underground
    escape plan underground

    You were sound asleep and then you woke up underground! Find a way out before the crocodile has you for dinner.

  • dete mita escape
    dete mita escape

    Find a way out of the madhouse before you too become a permanent resident.

  • bart saw game 2
    bart saw game 2

    Pigsaw has trapped Bart Simpson in his own school with deadly traps in each room, help him find a way out.

  • yurius house of spooks
    yurius house of spooks

    Retrieve your nephews toy plane and then find a way out of the mad scientists spooky house.

  • gangsters escape
    gangsters escape

    Gangsters are waiting for you outside the main entrance to fill you full of bullet holes so try to find another way out of the nightclub.

  • must escape the shopping mall
    must escape the shopping mall

    Get out of the locked shopping mall before a winter storm approaches town.

  • slender man saw
    slender man saw

    Jealous of your popularity on the internet Pigsaw has decided to kidnap you and place you in one of his houses full of traps.

  • the very organized thief
    the very organized thief

    Your a cat burglar! Sneak around a house stealing stuff before the owners catch you.

  • escape plan ghost house
    escape plan ghost house

    You awoke to find yourself locked in a small cell in a creepy cellar, find a way out before your jailor comes back.

  • spooky castle survival escape
    spooky castle survival escape

    Find a way off the strange island by going through the spooky castle to escape.

  • must escape lighthouse island
    must escape lighthouse island

    Find a way off the lonely lighthouse island before you lose your mind.

  • alexandria escape
    alexandria escape

    Interact with all the ancient artefacts within the locked room to find a way out.

  • alone on raven road
    alone on raven road

    Your car has broken down, find a way to reach your best friend's house before you encounter a wild animal.

  • alaska survival escape 2
    alaska survival escape 2

    Resume your epic struggle for survival as you and your pilot brave the freezing cold weather in the forest.

  • alaska survival escape
    alaska survival escape

    You and your pilot have crash landed your plane in the Alaskan wilderness try to survive before you freeze.

  • sneaky house of mystery
    sneaky house of mystery

    Find a way out of the mysterious locked home that Mr. Sneaky has set up to test your mettle.

  • history museum escape
    history museum escape

    Look for clues amongst the dinosaurs in the old historic museum to find a way out.

  • the deepest sleep
    the deepest sleep

    Find a way out of the underground rooms before the sinister creatures claim you as their own.

  • survivor island 4
    survivor island 4

    Try to survive on the remote island, scavenge for food and resources but watch out for sharks and angry natives.

  • killer escape 3
    killer escape 3

    Once again you find yourself in another predicament, this time your at the mercy of aliens from outer space!

  • house of fear revenge
    house of fear revenge

    Find a way into the spooky house, complete your objective and then get out with your soul intact.

  • escape plan high rise
    escape plan high rise

    Find a way down from the high rise building by unlocking all the closed doors.

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