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  • play dummy never fails online game

    dummy never fails

    Fire crash test dummies from a cannon in dummy never fails...

    skill | viewed 68177 | rating 4.5/5 from 167 votes
  • play dummy crusher online game

    dummy crusher

    Blow dummies into bits and pieces using giant boulders, firework rockets or bombs to cause damage on a grand...

    puzzle | viewed 7429 | rating 4.1/5 from 29 votes
  • play dummy escape online game

    dummy escape

    Help the dummies escape from a automobile factory by avoiding the security...

    puzzle | viewed 3767 | rating 4.1/5 from 8 votes
  • play dummy crusher 2 online game

    dummy crusher 2

    Drop rockets, safes, tnt or unleash the grim reaper on dummies to cause as much harm as...

    puzzle | viewed 5982 | rating 4.1/5 from 17 votes
  • play save the dummy online game

    save the dummy

    Rescue the poor dummy by making it completely disappear off the...

    puzzle | viewed 4147 | rating 3.5/5 from 6 votes
  • play save the dummy level pack 2 online game

    save the dummy level pack 2

    Knock the blue stick figure off the screen by removing the red shapes....

    puzzle | viewed 3043 | rating 3.3/5 from 3 votes
  • play motorcycle dummy online game

    motorcycle dummy

    Ride full throttle through a field littered with dangerous...

    skill | viewed 2999 | rating 4.6/5 from 9 votes
  • play dummy never fails 2 online game

    dummy never fails 2

    Shoot dummies from an experimental testing cannon to get them to hit the...

    skill | viewed 10366 | rating 4.7/5 from 45 votes
  • play dummy sneakout online game

    dummy sneakout

    Give the dummy a hand in escaping from gruelling crash tests at the car...

    puzzle | viewed 5288 | rating 4.1/5 from 17 votes
  • play save the dummy level pack online game

    save the dummy level pack

    Rescue the dangling dummy from boredom as fast as you...

    puzzle | viewed 4765 | rating 4.8/5 from 9 votes
  • play dummy never fails community online game

    dummy never fails community

    Ready for more dummy bashing fun? Inflict as much pain as you can in dummy never fails...

    skill | viewed 37544 | rating 4.4/5 from 85 votes
  • play destroy the village online game

    destroy the village

    Use your powerful rockets to target and destroy the nearby wooden...

    skill | viewed 4275 | rating 4.3/5 from 8 votes
  • play build and destroy live online game

    build and destroy live

    Bombard your opponents castle before he completely destroys...

    strategy | viewed 3681 | rating 4.1/5 from 9 votes
  • play the expendables 2 deploy and destroy online game

    the expendables 2 deploy and destroy

    Command your team of military commandos to defend a base against enemy...

    strategy | viewed 6508 | rating 4.3/5 from 23 votes
  • play Destroy The Wall 2 online game

    Destroy The Wall 2

    Be sure to check out this cool skill title....

    skill | viewed 5963 | rating 5/5 from 3 votes
  • play destroy all monsters online game

    destroy all monsters

    Blast mighty giants to kingdom come using your new fangled...

    skill | viewed 1872 | rating 4.3/5 from 3 votes
  • play search and destroy online game

    search and destroy

    Tear into opposing armed forces and reduce their defences to rubble in your battle...

    shooting | viewed 5807 | rating 4.7/5 from 32 votes
  • play Destroy the Wall 3 online game

    Destroy the Wall 3

    Be sure to check out this cool skill title....

    skill | viewed 7691 | rating 4.6/5 from 5 votes
  • play cardian online game


    Use your foot soldiers and mages to wreak havoc on enemy wizards portals in...

    strategy | viewed 3361 | rating 3.8/5 from 6 votes
  • play turkey slice online game

    turkey slice

    Finish off the angry turkeys this Christmas by cutting the blocks they are perched...

    puzzle | viewed 6748 | rating 4.3/5 from 34 votes
  • play toy bricks destroy online game

    toy bricks destroy

    Try to get the youngster to collect the shiny stars without tumbling off the...

    puzzle | viewed 1863 | rating 4.7/5 from 6 votes
  • play ragdoll achievement 2 online game

    ragdoll achievement 2

    Put the test dummy through a rigorous training session in the...

    skill | viewed 9641 | rating 4.6/5 from 59 votes
  • play ragdoll achievement online game

    ragdoll achievement

    Send a test dummy into the experimental room to experience pain first...

    puzzle | viewed 25213 | rating 4.4/5 from 186 votes
  • play Destroy All Zombies 3 online game

    Destroy All Zombies 3

    Be sure to check out this cool shooting title....

    shooting | viewed 4354 | rating 4/5 from 8 votes
  • play target shooter online game

    target shooter

    Shoot fast moving targets as soon as they appear over the...

    shooting | viewed 10266 | rating 4.3/5 from 30 votes
  • play bazooka boy level pack online game

    bazooka boy level pack

    Help the boy gather gold loot within the underground cave by blowing stuff up with his rocket...

    action | viewed 3807 | rating 4.6/5 from 5 votes
  • play Destroy the Peace online game

    Destroy the Peace

    Cruise down the rundown graffited streets and gun down any people you...

    other | viewed 1338 | rating 5/5 from 1 votes
  • play Destroy The World online game

    Destroy The World

    Be sure to check out this cool action title....

    action | viewed 3483 | rating 3.8/5 from 5 votes
  • play age of war online game

    age of war

    Defend your people and town from the enemy as they travel to fight you and your troops to the...

    strategy | viewed 4947 | rating 4/5 from 4 votes
  • play gun run online game

    gun run

    Blow robots into tiny pieces using nought but your handgun in gun...

    shooting | viewed 1306 | rating 0/5 from 0 votes
  • play next please online game

    next please

    Try to get the keys to reach the exit without landing on any horrible...

    action | viewed 3845 | rating 4.4/5 from 8 votes
  • play shadow gate online game

    shadow gate

    As one of the last line of kings its your job to find and slay a dangerous...

    adventure | viewed 6249 | rating 4.1/5 from 31 votes
  • play spy car online game

    spy car

    Use your sports vehicle to destroy as many enemy cars and bikes as you...

    racing | viewed 14611 | rating 4.3/5 from 139 votes
  • play colorbot 2 online game

    colorbot 2

    Dip into the four corner colours to destroy the floating...

    skill | viewed 2225 | rating 4/5 from 3 votes
  • play Sorb online game


    Avoid colliding with the deathly red particles and destroy them as you try to capture all the safe black...

    skill | viewed 2946 | rating 3.4/5 from 5 votes
  • play bomboozle 2 online game

    bomboozle 2

    Survive a multi coloured blob attack by popping as many as you can in bomboozle...

    skill | viewed 4883 | rating 3/5 from 2 votes
  • play ir obot online game

    ir obot

    Protect your new found robot home from scores of mad...

    strategy | viewed 2311 | rating 4.3/5 from 7 votes
  • play pushback online game


    Destroy swarms of alien space craft before they obliterate your...

    shooting | viewed 1529 | rating 2/5 from 1 votes
  • play fidi online game


    Roam around eating blue squares to grow bigger but watch out for the red...

    skill | viewed 5953 | rating 4.2/5 from 11 votes
  • play space age online game

    space age

    Defend planet earth from a bombardment of asteroid projectiles before they decimate the...

    strategy | viewed 3724 | rating 4.2/5 from 11 votes