final slam 2

Description & Controls
Rating 4.1/5 from 67 votes - Played 5.29k times - Genre action

Play final slam 2 game and compete against some of the finest fighters the world has to offer by taking them on in a no holds barred contest. For P1 press wasd to move, G to punch, H to kick and J to grab and P2 press arrow keys to move, bracket keys to perform actions and backslash key to grapple with an opponent. Try to floor your rival before he sends you flying face down on the mat. Choose your hero from a list of line-ups each specialising in kung fu, ninjutsu, karate, tae kwon do, wrestling, boxing and shaolin monks. You can change the key configuration if you are uncomfortable with the combination in the menu settings.

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Sponsored by newgrounds, developed by Tamugaia. Date added on the 1 January 2014 at 14:03.

final slam 2

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67 Votes(4.1/5)



this is very boring


i love this app because i love boxing

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