dragon ball z devolution

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Play dragon ball z devolution a manga anime based fighting game and heed Master Roshi's instructions in the dojo as he teaches you the art of kung fu. Press arrow keys to move Goku, double tap a directional key to dash, X to punch or kick, C to put up your defences to block attacks ad to charge up your KI. To perform a kamehameha hold the charge button until the bar is full then press X to release a devastating energy blast. Begin the 23rd tenkaichi budokai by challenging Piccolo in a showdown at the world martial arts tournament.

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Sponsored by Txori, developed by Etienne Begue, date added on the 23 August 2013 at 12:06.

dragon ball z devolution

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443 Votes(4.5/5)

20 comments for dragon ball z devolution


I want goku to turn in super saiyan infinity


excellent, it is superb! I like it dude


easy, can't wait for next update


I love any thing with dragon balls, I absolutely adore it


it is very cool and good.


this is amazing .but i want to play the next version of it


good waiting for the next version


yes! i also want next version of it

lucky louis

they should have super saiyan 3 vegeta


it is cool for the next version


they should have super saiyan 3 goku


i want vegeta to activate his super saiyan powers


this rules, upgrade soon


i downloaded it on my tablet it comes with goku ssj2 and 3 veheta ssj2 trust me i have beaten the story mode


awesome! next version is easy


its awesome and i killed kid buu


this is amazing. but i want to play the next version of it


next versions unbelievable

dominic been

i cant wait to play it is so cool.


yea this is awesome i also saw the other version, you should check it out

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