gerbil in a microwave

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Rating 4.1/5 from 84 votes - Views 36.45k - Genre fun

Play gerbil in a microwave and watch an innocent little furry pet meet its untimely end at the hands of a manic child. Press the buttons on the household electrical appliance to set it in motion and fry the gerbil.

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gerbil in a microwave

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84 Votes(4.1/5)

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really stupid


yeehah life goes on baby come on give it up for dna BOOM


gerbil:i know wut yar thinking yo gunna nuke meh.... seconds later. gerbil (blows up) THE END

me and yuo

cool its very funny


rubbish make it better


i hate you. gerbils are the best pets in cages. you want to destroy them in a cruel game. also, it looks like a hamster. double wrong. :(


stop killing me


that's a hamster not a gerbil and why kill a cute gerbil they are the best i have two gerbils but you are killing them in a game. I do not like you mean person, i think it should be a happy game :(


its mostly to be played only once otherwise it gets really boring even if the gerbil talks and swears.


that poor, poor gerbil :(


he he he! hilarious


this game is hilarious


i love it! gerbils and hamsters are dumb and both mine bit me in the same place at the same time!


i think it is really funny yolo


funny ... who's your daddy!

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