super drift 2

Description & Controls
Rating 4.5/5 from 593 votes - Played 32.06k times - Genre racing

Play super drift 2 a city based racing game and compete against fellow drivers to see who can reach the finish line first. Start off by choosing a Honda Civic as a beginner car or a Subaru Impreza as an intermediate vehicle then press arrow keys to steer your sports car, P to pause and shift to drift (under easy mode). To unlock better vehicles such as the yellow Ferrari testarossa you'll need to complete certain key mission events.

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Sponsored by playhub, developed by rumble sushi 3d. Date added on the 16 August 2013 at 17:03.

super drift 2

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593 Votes(4.5/5)



it is a nice cool game


this is really cool but there is not a lot of cool cars like dodge charger and mustangs they should have more.


this sucks, its too hard.


this is the coolest I've ever played. I love this, I'm very lucky. I'm on this every day.


this is the coolest game I've ever played.


good game always good

rachit sharma

a very nice game


this game is so cool!


i play every day on this game.


i like the game


good game, I'm very lucky


this is a good game


that is a good game


a very cool game


this is a really cool game but there is not a lot of cool cars like dodge charger and mustangs they should have more cars.


game is fun sally

anubhav joshi

i love this game.


this game is so cool!

gautam sharma

i love this, it is so cool


great, I love it. you should make part 3.


very wonderful and beautiful

rahul joshi

its cool but I can't unlock the new levels


good, but no more cars


this is the best I have ever played


no matter what level your on it still feels like expert and they need new cars


great, i love it. you should make part 3.

maria naeem

did all the levels 100 times but the yellow Ferrari car does not allow any simple method to unlock it!

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