monkey go happy guess

Description & Controls
Rating 4.6/5 from 125 votes - Played 14.20k times - Genre puzzle

Play monkey go happy guess a word based puzzle game and earn enough gold coins to buy toys for the little chimps by finding words within the jumbled up letters (similar to an anagram). Use your mouse to select a letter to fit the hollowed out squares. If you get stuck press the hint button for an image clue.

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Sponsored by pencil kids. Date added on the 25 July 2013 at 16:02.

monkey go happy guess

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125 Votes(4.6/5)



great and interesting


great and interesting


its very nice, i like this game.

blake thomas

i love this so much it is the best game ever


i love it so much that every day and every time i am playing this


very nice, i love this!


can i have a hand for the creator cause he is a genius

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