monkey go happy 6

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Rating 4.6/5 from 209 votes - Views 18.22k - Genre puzzle

Play monkey go happy 6 a point-n-click based logic game and try to put a grin on each of the sad little apes faces by solving the simple puzzles in each scene. Use your mouse to find hidden objects or items to interact with to complete the level. Before you start choose a funny hat for your character to wear. Try to complete each level in as few clicks as possible. If you get stuck press the hint button for an offsite walkthrough.

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Sponsored by ninja doodle. Date added on the 9 May 2013 at 13:12.

monkey go happy 6

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209 Votes(4.6/5)

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I'm so confused! but i like it!


i like this game


hard work but I love it


its nice i like it


it is the best game


hard game but i like it


love it because its just a puzzling game


it's hard but i like it.


it is a nice game

sana vasu

i love this game


i like this game


i played all the game parts its so fun and some parts i played twice.

mudasir king

i like this game


i love this game


i like this game so much


I love this, it's awesome


i like it because i can have fun and it is puzzling to me.

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