red crucible 2

Description & Controls
Rating 4.4/5 from 158 votes - Played 13.84k times - Genre shooting

Play red crucible 2 a 3d multiplayer based first person shooter game and take on people from around the world in a team versus team battle fest. Press wasd or arrow keys to move your soldier, spacebar to leap, C to crouch behind cover, E to enter a military vehicle to drive and mouse to aim or shoot your rifle. Pick an online match to take part in by siding with a red or blue team. Please note you will need the Unity plugin for this to work.

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Sponsored by rocketeer games studio. Date added on the 16 February 2013 at 20:33.


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158 Votes(4.4/5)



bad game, really unity? come on guys

ryan collins

this is so cool but it is better on xbox 360

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