i cant escape

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Rating 3.9/5 from 81 votes - Played 12.18k times - Genre escape

Play I can't escape a point-n-click based puzzle game and after falling into a large underground dungeon you find yourself stuck with no way out. Use your mouse to explore each room for a way to get back to the surface. Watch out for holes in the ground, tumbling through one leads to a darker, scarier environment where creatures and monsters are waiting for their next meal.

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Sponsored by David Maletz. Date added on the 15 February 2013 at 15:37.


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81 Votes(3.9/5)



i think I'm going around in circles.


i can't play this game, i am totally confused.


i fell into a pit and can't get out!


i can't get out of the tunnel!


i hate this maybe you shouldn't make it if you only have a 2$ budget


it is not very well. i didn't understand it


i found keys. i climbed up a ladder towards a lighted circle and found myself in a deeper area. i do not think this is winnable. it seems to be for people who want to wander through a creepy area.

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