motocross nitro racing game

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Rating 4.1/5 from 320 votes - Played 20.90k times - Genre racing

Play motocross nitro a stunt based 3d game and show off your skills as an experienced biker as you ride over rough rocky terrain in the desert. Use your arrow keys to accelerate, lean or brake and spacebar to activate your nitro injector. Finally press Z, X or C to perform mid air tricks without falling off your motorbike. Start off in the training camp to gain experience and then proceed to the freestyle, sprint or hill climb races to compete against rival bikers. Please note, you need the Unity web plug-in to play.

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motocross nitro

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320 Votes(4.1/5)



i like it but i hate it when you can't beat anything how about you damn it


nice game it teach us different qualities of bikers


this game is awesome


good and better


this game is too cool


how the hell do you beat this game? eh anyone know how to then?

abdullah amir

very good game, i like this game very much.

mahtab khan

it is a wonderful game. i like this very much.


i like this game


I'm liking this game very, very much!


this game is kind of nice


this game looks awesome and it is awesome


it's so good for relaxation.


this sounds cool. this is awesome.

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