interactive buddy 2

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Rating 4.6/5 from 208 votes - Played 29.54k times - Genre other

Play interactive buddy 2 game and throw a bubble based man around the screen by grabbing him with your bare hands or make him explode. Use your mouse to create your own scenery by building your own levels. Please note this is a demo version to get the full version you will need to follow the instructions within the game.

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Sponsored by shock value, developed by Daniel M. Rotar. Date added on the 18 December 2012 at 15:47.

interactive buddy 2

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208 Votes(4.6/5)



this is really fun and awesome


this game is awesome






i got up to 1316.28 in interactive buddy 2


how to get the girl? please someone help me.


it's awesome all the time in my whole life, i never played this before I'm gonna die


awesome epic double awesome


this game kicks

john marston

this game is very old style. we should have a modernized version like have two buddies talk to each other


random but epic


i made him a little house :d


cool, i love it but how do you get the girl?


this game is cool


how to get the lightning?


good game, i love it


he's stuck in the wall and on fire. getting about a dollar a second


how do you start it on a computer?


this is epic, woo


the full version has the girl but not on the computer its only on app store

austin threet

if you think this is epic try the first one


you can get addicted to this quick, its great and if anyone wants to get the girl you have to buy the full version,same for the lightning.


i blocked the whole room with blocks and made 73.95


if you delete a floor. what do you do? to answer @mark (answer)


mark if you have deleted the bottom floor go to scenes folder and click 'default stage' to reset it.


good but it glitches when I put in too many things


the best way to make money is buy the sleeping gas and rope joint tie buddy to the wall or floor then use any explosion item ( use the instant boom one)


computer lagging, its so awesome

lil tiger

this is awesome, thanks


this is like a stress ball.... unleash all that anger on that grey thing!

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