angry gran run

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Rating 4.4/5 from 304 votes - Played 18.21k times - Genre skill

Play angry gran run game and help your dear old grandma escape from a mental institution by guiding her as far as you can through the city streets. Use your Z or X keys to bash thugs walking down the road, P to pause, arrow keys to jump over people carrying glass panes or cracks in the road, down key to slide under washing lines and left and right arrow keys to turn around sharp corners. Try to get your nan as far as you can without her getting injured. Requires Unity 3d plugin.

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angry gran run

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304 Votes(4.4/5)



i love this game


this game is pro!!

me me





mind-blowing game !

2 chain

it's like a birthday


awesome game i love it

shaban ahmed400

mind blowing game


this is awesome


this game rocks


awesome game, i like to play it daily


loads too late but it is a nice game


it's really too good.


cool, I'm never leaving this game.

zain shahid

very boring game


the game is really cool, I've been playing since it started. I love it, this is the best day ever. I love it because its funny, cool and also amazing to me and my whole family.

tyler dabreau

its great, i really did enjoy it, super!

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