harveys new eyes

Description & Controls
Rating 3.8/5 from 49 votes - Played 9.77k times - Genre adventure

Play Harvey's new eyes game and help Lilli, a young orphaned girl living under the nuns care at the convent school locate her missing best pal (her stuffed toy). Use your mouse to pick up useful items to add to your inventory and to examine the church area for possible clues that will lead to her toy doll.

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harveys new eyes

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49 Votes(3.8/5)





cool and fun


this game is so interesting!


this game sucks and the little girl looks like a pig.


this game sucks so darn much!


very nice game :) it has a great story! but next time......make lilly (the girl) have a better life


good but I got stuck at the start!


this sucks! how do you even get rid of the termites?


it's really cool and good art work on the characters and everything!

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