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Play monster saga game and having fallen through an intergalactic portal on Earth you now find yourself on a strange new world with cute little creatures running around. Use your mouse to feed, train and upgrade each monster to help you protect the nearby villages from uncontrollable beasts. Compete in tournaments to get your animals to win candy which will allow them to level up faster. Don't forget to search for new recruits from the town centre or caves to add to your fighting team.

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Sponsored by kongregate, made by artlogic, 700 x 525 pixels, added online on the 20 October 2012 at 16:06.

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132 Votes(4.5/5)

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20 player reviews and comments


i think this was awesome!


I love this game its awesome


nice game


mine are all evolved and at level 5


mine are awesome. I also own bravion at level 5 and under lots of training!


my computer loads the game slow... I'm still going to keep my hopes up

argale master

where to find bravion


omg i have razark

blazern warrior

where do you find bravelion? i can't seem to find it. i need a bravelion because my blazern can't keep fighting alone


you mean bravion in the sky island castle and lei too


i hate this game


how do you increase the population?


this game is epic


its really awesome


wow i beat the final boss pretty easily with and runbaro (max stats of course)


oh wow, this is awesome! definitely the best strategy online and best creature-based game ever for me!

dann arc

i have 3 bravions, but no razak...


this is better than pokemon


this is so insane, its not sane! i know that did not make sense but who cares this is awesome


all my monsters are level 5 and evolved

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