ashes 4 ashes zombie cricket

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Play ashes 4 ashes zombie cricket game and use your bat to whack corky balls pitched by the bowler at dead cricketers as they stumble towards you. Use your mouse to hit the ball, try to aim each strike at the zombies heads to make it fall off. Tip, wait until the ball bounces and reaches the dotted line. At the end of each level spend points on upgrading your batsman, bowler or fix your bat if it's broken.

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Sponsored by mouse breaker. Date added on the 18 October 2012 at 17:34.

ashes 4 ashes zombie cricket

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188 Votes(4.3/5)

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this is a very good and amazing game


it is a very good game

yash lakshay

nice and a good game

aditya anil

this is a very cool game

pete mcguiness

hey it is funny and cool

wasim shahwani

it's cool, I love it.

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