shaun the sheep beauty baahn

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Play shaun the sheep beauty baahn game and help out in the hair salon by using your hairdressing gear to wash n dry, detangle wool, snip and cut woolly hair off the animals to make them look beautiful. Use your mouse to pick up the tangle teezer brush to begin removing clumps of tangled wool and then grab the scissors to shear according to the customers picture. Spend cash that you earn from each satisfied customer to upgrade your shop by adding hair dyes, hair crimper's and other useful make up products.

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Sponsored by tangle teezer. Date added on the 28 June 2012 at 15:06.

shaun the sheep beauty baahn

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194 Votes(4.5/5)

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wow liked this cool game


really addicting


i love this game


it cuts off half of the screen..


good like!




this is a super game


i love this game


i love shaun the sheep that is why i love this game


I love this game! if I had to choose one game, this would be the one!

samyak jain

i love this game forever


the game is best


not worst. not excellent


very amazing game


wow! the most wonderful game in my life!


i do not like this game


fun game, i like it


super cool, I love it


good for us small children

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