1001 arabian nights

Description & Controls
Rating 4/5 from 140 votes - Played 33.42k times - Genre puzzle

Play 1001 arabian nights game and help Scheherazade the beautiful viziers daughter survive each night with King Shahryar by relating a story to him so that he may spare her life. Use the mouse to match three or more objects to drop the outlined items of the board. Keep an eye out on the timer if all the sand runs out you lose a life. Match all the objects and work your way through each of the major stories to unfold a fairy tale ending.

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1001 arabian nights

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140 Votes(4/5)



what a game yeah?

sho sho

very nice game

pravin wade

this fairy fighting game is very good. if you can use cheats then its even better to play


great game


i like it


nice and great game

munira abbas

very nice and excellent game, try to put more similar games online.... thanks to you all


good game


great game very interesting and fun to play


entertaining game


I really loved this game!


where can i log in? can not go any further


i love this game!


where can i log in? can not go any further


it is a very nice game


awesome and it's fun to play with


nice game to play


i heard its a nice game but how do i log in?


very nice game and very, very good.


i loved this game very much


very nice and good thanks to agame


this is very interesting and thrilling. i like this game very much.


good game very interesting


are there cheats anywhere? it's terrible to be stuck on a level forever!


superb! it's a great game.


very interesting and nice game


i like this game


i like this game to pass time.


i am enjoying this game


a game which opens all the holes of the mind, fantastic.


i like this game very much

deepak sood

very interesting time pass and excellent


how can I finish this?


very, very interesting and time pass for whole the day

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