bart simpson island escape

Description & Controls
Rating 4.1/5 from 240 votes - Played 24.21k times - Genre escape

Play bart simpson island escape game and help the mischievous youngster find a way off the isolated island before the crocodiles have him for supper. Use the mouse to control Bart as he looks for useful items and objects that will allow him to escape the infernal island and reunite with his family members on the jumbo jet plane.

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bart simpson island escape

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240 Votes(4.1/5)



rated a for awesome


this is cool i guess


it's confusing what to do when you get on the island


i'm stuck how do you get the monkey in the tree to help out?

midnight sky

i don't know my review because it won't play for me please help me.


good game


because there are a lot of different places to go its alittle bit confusing!


this looks cool


epic game if you can't beat it you are just crazy it is easy

jimmy smith

how get rid of the kangaroo


too hard


great but a little more education

eric smith

this game might be broken because i can't play it.


don't hate, appreciate


its awesome

harry potter

its hard

harry hotter

its good

katy perry

its okay


how do you get the bananas from the snake


how go down in tree?


1.get parachute the red button 3.use the chocolate on the bart to get down on the right arrow on the right arrow again on the arrow that points to wilson on the fruit and red fruit on the right arrow on the sane and speak then click on the mirror,use the mirror on the snake


this is awesome!

bart simpson

how do you get the coconut?


i like it but it's hard, too sad


how do you do this?


nice game


how do we get back from the island?


this is hard someone please help me


i am stuck on the boulder help! ;p

one direction

i need help on the stupid kangaroo


how do you get the parachute off and out of the tree


this game is awesome

colt 45

mean game 100 yes from me

mean maori mean

i haven't played this yet and it's still cool


i don't get it


i need help with the tree


i need help with the tree

megan smith

epic games are very excellent


it's a really good game


I'm stuck on the river part, the bamboo part and the totem pole part


how do you get out of the tree when you are on the island?


how do you wake up the snake and push the elephant?


how do you get down from the tree?


I thought the first part on the island was tough because I tried both items and neither worked.


how do you get a honey comb? please explain

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