william and sly 2

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Rating 4.4/5 from 44 votes - Views 6.37k - Genre adventure

Play william and sly 2 flash game and help the fox retrieve all the missing journal pieces taken by the mischievous gnomes in order to make them readable once again. Use the wasd or arrow keys to jump onto ledges or walk along the lush forest floor.

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william and sly 2

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44 Votes(4.4/5)

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hi there im yes i say it is good no its not good yes it is HI IM NO I SAY NO ITS NOT!


i love foxes and wolfs and i love william and sly. i've played william and sly 1.


i have as well


that is not how to spell wolves


isn't the fox cute i love this game!


i love this game


what do we have to do


it is a well put together computer game about a fox seeking out journal pages for his owner, and along the way he picks up fairy flies, travels into caves, and lots more. i love this game!


hm...cool game but if i were them i would make it so we could never be a fox!

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