castle clout 3 new age

Description & Controls
Rating 4.2/5 from 29 votes - Played 12.25k times - Genre action

Play castle clout 3 new age game and unite the realm under one rule by destroying each provinces rulers with your stone throwing trebuchet. To play use the mouse to click on the catapult to fire and click again to release the stones.

  • Fighting School
  • Battle Royale Game
  • Brawl Royale Game
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  • lamas way
  • bloodbath avenue
  • Forest
  • armed with wings 3
  • dragon ball fighting 19

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29 Votes(4.2/5)



the game was great and fun i will give the game a 5 star


very awesome

super junior

i like this games i will give 9 star


awesome game


the games is very very good!


this game is just like angry birds !!! ps don't get it

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