goal south africa

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Rating 4.5/5 from 127 votes - Played 30.68k times - Genre sports

Play goal south africa game and score goals as you take part in the 2010 world cup hosted in south africa. Choose a team from the list of countries and then pick a team to play against. To play goal south africa use the arrow keys to move and a and s to pass and shoot the ball.

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goal south africa

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127 Votes(4.5/5)





itz good


this game is fantastic


time pass game


very sick (nice)


its ok and good


You know you can easily win this game. whoever doesn`t they suck in computer games and needs practice


lol its bare easy


i won with england and germany i am england england 17 - germany 3


I Defeated Argentina by 30-1. My team is,was,were is Brazil. its good game to pass away the time. but it a very exciting game.

Tee boy

I hate slow computers


the game is slow but interesting


so easy i can do it in my sleep


i win 25-4 (spain - england)


IT is nice.


this rock's


I say this game is the best game in the world


my team which is germany won brasil 30-0


brasil vs serbia[42-1]


this is an awesome game


i hate it


i hate your show

charles awesome

this game is awesome sauce



jay patel

my highest score is 50-10 and my team was Spain


this game is amazing! I can't stop plying it!

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