dummy never fails

Description & Controls
Rating 4.6/5 from 202 votes - Played 102.62k times - Genre skill

Play dummy never fails game and launch the crash test dummy from the cannon towards the goal area, the less pain the dummy receives the better. To play dummy never fails use the mouse to aim the cannon.

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dummy never fails

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202 Votes(4.6/5)



this game does not start


i think that dummy never fails is one of the greatest computer games in the world


This game is awesome!


This game is so fun. I highly recommend it


nice game


omg omg omg omg omg its not working!


I finished the game and need 11 more skins :( the skin that u get 4 finishing the game is weird its a nood girl


i am stuck on level 51


my # 1 game in the world


i stuck in the level 25 no stuck in the moment


ive finshed the game i just need one more skin


I really like this game.

Xxx headshot xxx

Rubbish you can't. Use it on my iPad

Dylan Guy

Im stuck on level 35 seriously what do you do


love the game i know cheats

scott kill

thats a good skin when u bet the game


i no its cool

spaz machine



dont know


i love this job


i like this game


minecraft is better


best game in my life i have ever played coz i like ragdoll games and games like this so yeah this is my number 1 in the entire universe then fifa 12 and stuff..... ill stop typing now before i run out of letters to say


best game ever :)


e.t phone home


i like this game because it is sic


this game is awesome

chun li

its a nice and its 1 of my favourite games! =)lol


never ever started

obey tofer

love it


this is one of my favorite computer games!!!!!


its cool


die dummy die


very good


passes time in class


i also think that is one of the greatest computer games in the world, I am stuck on level 44, almost beat the game, let me try and beat this, I'll contact again, until than, wait till further notice.

killing dart

this is so stupid and fun i won the game and got all the skins


awesome i give it a 100 100 thumbs up always best ever


love this it's so awesome


stuck on level 37 help please

mike hunt

really good to play when you're bored


i love this but some skins are weird but i still really like this except i can't get the skins with the ? in the red box lol


it never plays so why did you make it!

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