pretender part 2

Description & Controls
Rating 4.4/5 from 21 votes - Played 7.17k times - Genre puzzle

Play the pretender part 2 puzzle game and guide the magician through each ghostly realm to free all the imprisoned souls. To play pretender part 2 use the arrow keys to move around and spacebar to perform an action.

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pretender part 2

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21 Votes(4.4/5)



the pretender is so tricky!if you try the game pretender part 1 you should know what to do.seriously i did it.


This game is so awesome!!! Where can I find part three?? :D


cool game


sooooooooooooooo tricky but fun >this game rocks!!!1


don't think part three is out yet


cool game... real fun

Komal Shah

i almost had finished part three but...........

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