escape the dungeon

Description & Controls
Rating 3.7/5 from 24 votes - Played 16.39k times - Genre escape

Play escape the dungeon game and try to find a way out of the dark sombre dungeon before the poison pulsing through your veins takes a hold. Look for an antidote as you explore the mad scientists realm for the exit. Use the mouse to play escape the dungeon.

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escape the dungeon

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24 Votes(3.7/5)



the midesine code is: red orange yellow green blue purple have fun :3


thank you so much


that makes it easier




i'm about to play a game called escape the dungeon


this game is stupid because you cant use the damn saw and bat..




took me 2:00 first time i tried if i were in a dungeon like this i would own it and i would probs wait for the scientist and own him


hey there is no light???!


how to solve this? anyone please help!

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