palisade guardian 2

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Rating 4.2/5 from 23 votes - Played 19.48k times - Genre shooting

Play palisade guardian 2 shooting game and from the rooftops snipe at advancing troops with your MP5 assault rifle before the soldiers reach your army headquarters. Level up and purchase more powerful weapons with advanced zoom power magnification.

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palisade guardian 2

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23 Votes(4.2/5)



use every car or gun in the world!


cool palisade 2 games


good game


its a great game to bad it never loads up i have been trying for 5 days to load it but it just wont and i try every site that has palisade guardian2 on it i wish i could load it i love the gaME


cheat codes

yo mama

you have to look up sniper games on google and u go to the second page and it should be the fourth one there u go Sniper Games - Shooting games , Sniper games, weapon games, Shoot Game



the guy

any cheats for this game?


i got the rpg and all the guns and made it to the last level


great game any glitches

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