celebrity bash

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Rating 4.5/5 from 45 votes - Views 27.15k - Genre action

Play celebrity bash action game and knock out some pearly white celebrity teeth, first up is crybaby Kanye West a few jabs with your pinkie should send him flying, next up is Paris Hilton work your boxing magic and knock her out. Lady Gaga is a tough one but not as tough as the opponent after her.

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Sponsored by pyrozen.

celebrity bash

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45 Votes(4.5/5)

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celebrity man

i like kanye west music , but as a person hes very selfish

jay z

kanye west lockdown do do de da da


lady ga ga face is plain ugly


1500 that was ugly and twitter bird is hard


man twitter bird is ugly and hard lady ga-ga she got a d***k



gucci mane

man come on this s**t


fantastic cook twitter

joe coppess

this game is trash

joe coppess

hi i have a game developer fetish 8====D


this sucks butt la la ha ha ho ho fart oh sorry


i like this game


i loved Celebrity bash is so awesome you need to come up witha celebrity bash 2 well i'll be writing back soon.


i own best score..


I cant beat penguin!


celebrity bash jank......its just 4 lame kids

celeb lover

dam, penguin


this game is crape


twitter bird is hard to defeat!

bike balls

i kill bird in a 1.2 sec time flat


i completed it haha suckers

coby leigh

it was fun




i hate the twitter bird its sooo hard to beat


i knocked out kanye west


this game is too easy, always block and uppercut


i beat the louis hamilton face damn cool...!!!

lil wayne

twitter bird was hard to beat

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