apple kabopple

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Rating 4.2/5 from 25 votes - Views 6.53k - Genre skill

Play apple kabopple game and help torti the tortoise gather as many tasty apples from the apple tree as she can. Click on apples to drop them in tortis basket just as she's passing by.

  • hot air jr

    hot air jr

    Collect stars and use the electric fan to blow the balloon out of harms way.

  • skill test

    skill test

    See how well your gaming skills rank amongst the finest.

  • domino fall 2

    domino fall 2

    Fire balls at a bunch of thin dominos to make them topple onto each other.

  • ying finds yang extra pack

    ying finds yang extra pack

    Bump the two opposites together in ying finds yang extra pack.

  • politricks


    Help Obama win the political race by pogo jumping through the streets.

  • Bubble Avoid

    bubble avoid

    Avoid any dangerous obstacles that are careening towards you, try to collect as many gold coins and helpful items.

  • hanna in a choppa 2

    hanna in a choppa 2

    Use different modes of transport to fly to the flag, it's as simple as that.

  • rabbit rustler

    rabbit rustler

    Help free the rabbits before they end up as farmer Giles rabbit stew dinner.

  • stealth assassin

    stealth assassin

    Travel back in time, assassinate the target and avoid the security cops guarding the VIP.

credits & ratings

Sponsored by Big Fish, developed by Merciless.

apple kabopple

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25 Votes(4.2/5)

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have a good gam


not good, not bad! i gave 3 out of 5

kotte praveen

i have not yet played the game is loading

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