zebra tower game

Description & Controls
Rating 4.2/5 from 56 votes - Played 60.61k times - Genre fun

Play Zebra Tower game and help the cooky zebra jump from platform to platform without scrolling off the end of the screen, earn combo points for continuous jumps.

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zebra tower game

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56 Votes(4.2/5)



THis Is Fun :D I ♥ It


this game is so great!


i love you llove zebralove lindsey


hi iam sarah i rely like games


i love this game its sooo cuteeee

The Gamer

This game is frikken awesome and SOO SOO damn addicting! Like forreal everyone should play this game and has you on the edge of your seat when you play this game. Don't worry about stars just get combos! A regular average player will have 5000 points at the 2nd lvl but you get combos like 20 u can have like 7000 at the 2nd lvl. At the 4th lvl just aim for the steps don't worry bout combo or stars


its awesome game people

The gamer 2

Awesome and so cuteee


are you mad


the game is very fun especially when its back ground changes colours and places and my comment is that you made one of the most exciting games in history this is my 2nd faviourite game i hope you make more games about tower climbing animals.


cool game :d


nice and sweet !

shannon hardy

i hate that game.


i love this game


17,940! beat that! this is amazing!

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