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Rating 4.4/5 from 120 votes - Views 19.60k - Genre puzzle

Play Ninja Game and help the young wet behind the ears ninja find his way out of the sacred samurai temple by avoiding the samurai and their deadly swords at all costs. Watch out for death traps.

  • pierre hotel

    pierre hotel

    Find your wife by combing through the rooms in the spooky hotel.

  • zomburp


    Use convicted criminals from the prison as food for starving zombies.

  • chu rescue 2

    chu rescue 2

    Cut chunks of frozen ice into the sea to make the area warmer for the cold Eskimo.

  • puppet rush

    puppet rush

    Help zip free his puppet folk from captivity using the magic tricks he learnt from a spellbook.

  • pick and dig 2

    pick and dig 2

    Get the young purple adventurer to the exit to complete the level.

  • shift 2 the challenge

    shift 2 the challenge

    Get to the exit door without getting impaled on a bunch of pointy spike.

  • monkey go happy western 2

    monkey go happy western 2

    Help the sad little monkey's find all the treasure out in the Wild West.

  • monster detective

    monster detective

    Use your sharp skills as a sleuth to locate the missing young woman.

  • sticks


    Draw wooden planks to send lots of loot towards bob in sticks.

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ninja game

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120 Votes(4.4/5)

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This is a very very boring game.


the game is confused


ryt the 2 reviews above are correct


because ninja katana 1000 ok


not downloading


very crappy game


this game is dumb and sucks

sumit pathak

well! nice game but very boring


boring and sucks

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