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rating 4.3/5 from 57 votes - played 15088 times - genre adventure

Play Bunny Adventure Game and help Ozzy the little fluffy wuffy bunny fight his way out of the dreary dungeon and get him back home.Collect the gold coins (why a rabbit needs coins beats me) and the carrots for food.

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Sponsored by 0, 750 x 600 pixels.

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57 Votes(4.3/5)

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22 player reviews and comments

Anna sophia robb

this loads too late, i hate this, its a waste of time and i am an actress so i can't give much time for these kind of games.


this game is very good and easy


this game is way to easy if i had 1 word to say about it would be retarded


I love the lizard face rabbit on Goosebumps.But,I don't like the game because the stinking enemys kill the bunny.Make the game more easy. p.s. I love carrots like the bunny.


i love this game


love this game!


love this game


its a 9c game but not so much better.....


I think this game sucks!!


I love this game


it takes lot of time to load..but much better


the game is ok!


well but not very well.....


good but not excellent


love this game


i love this game because it is very easy


i like this game very much but i didn't like the monsters


i love it so much.


this is my favourite but it gets frozen


I agree with Aisha must be very smart and pretty


the is very good and i love it very much it is very nice


still love it, there's another 1 where you make your own bunny and the same.

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