teen vogue game

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Rating 2.7/5 from 55 votes - Played 28.71k times - Genre dressup

Play Teen Vogue Game and dress up the lovely three young girls Lisa, Vivian and Amanda .The girls usually like to do things in a group so get them geared up for various activites they enjoy.

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teen vogue game

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55 Votes(2.7/5)


la la jolly rancher

this games STINKS!!!!!!!!! With a capital funk!


i need help this is not good


believe me this game stinks


i think that the people who made this game has no brains.this game stinks


It's all right but really hard


i dont like it its not even fun !!!!!!!!


This game is v. v. v. boring . T here is no such name such as 'Vivan '. the person who made this game , if you make another game make it better! This game sucks!


why dosent people can just back off


this games is like i dont want to this games


It's a good game. Perhaps a "Hint" button would be more useful in the confusing statements. In response to Nicole, Vivian is a very popular name, I happen to know many women named Vivian :)


This game is very bad. Who did it so he is a crazy and stupid person.


Wack game


This game is very stupid because the characters name is very bad and crazy


I just want to play


This game sucks

dont ask

i hate this game its boring and stupid way to easy MAKE IT BETTER


omg i cant get the dress up part where they have to go catch thieves. put a hint button!

kalina mankova

i really like to play games on the computer and have fun


who installed this game this is soooo bad.i will kick his


what are they supposed to wear to go dancing in!! I'm so confused


what are they supposed to wear for the thieves thing!?


i love it

ainsley fraser

hi i do not understand this game i just think you have to dress them up but they say on the game i think you don't understand us and say again and again and again today lisa amanda and vivan have an appointment in the park to do exercise together from ainsley fraser


this game stinks. 100% of the games i now are way better than this one.


worst game ever


thanks!!! i've been trying to find this game for 2 years!!!


it's so easy!! i finished the game in less than 5 minutes. easy game!!!!


i know these: the exercise, lisa wears the shirt that has 12, vivian wears the blue pants and long blue pants and amanda wears the shirt with the word star. for dancing, the 3 girls need to wear a suit similar to what the girls wear in totally spies. the office, lisa wears a black shirt and skirt, vivian wears something like what doctors wear and amanda wears a buttoned shirt with a yellow skirt.


this is so hard omg


how do you finish thieves


its so hard


Its so hard, I cant get past when you need to dress up 4 the thieves I'm confused, someone help me


nice game :p


good game ....


i enjoyed this game but got stuck on some of the topics :(


i can't get past the thieves like there should be a hint button


i think not bad? :)


this ain't fun with all the letters in caps


this game is a fart whoever made this game is an idiot i just wasted several seconds for stupidness


i can't get past the part where they're supposed to go shopping it's frustrating.


yuck! i just hate this game.


i like this game but I'm stuck


i didn't know what to do! i got stuck.


stinks, i don't like it


idiots, i hate this.


this is boring and fun sometimes


this really stinks its no fun


how about the part when it says vivian and amanda want to buy necessaries, and lisa want to buy a suit for herself


thieves green shirt pink pants. red dress. black thigh high boots and shorts.


this is boring not fun


my name is amanda and i look just like the girl.


this is awful. my eyes, they burn.

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