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Rating 4/5 from 84 votes - Played 24.15k times - Genre fun

Play My Home Drying Game and help mum hang the washing on the clothes line, each completed level upgrades your washing line giving you more space to hang clothes, and keep an eye out on the timer.

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my home drying game

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84 Votes(4/5)



i think you shout put them in washing machine then hang it out

kiarra harrell

you should have really good games

dougie yea

omgg i hate this game


the game waz really long and ma easy

eden surry

the games is easy and i got to level 9


this game is so stupid i can only see a guy liking it for one reason


good game


you should have really good games


its very very boring game


really really boring!




I love this, and I'm a girl so why say guys will only like a game like this when I love this.


that was truly boring


this is the easiest game ever and boring


i like this game.


okay, I don't care what you guys said it is addicting!

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